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manufacturer rep.

‚ÄčOpportunity: New revolutionary concept.

Challenge: Premium pricing for a commodity type market.

Global Methodology: Develop appropriate pitch which gets international consumers open to trying a more expensive product.

strategic consultancy

  1. 15,000 students at main campus.
  2. 47 year old Research Non-Profit University based in South America.
  3. Opened South Florida campus in Fall 2012.
  4. Under a new University President, A1 was hired in order to perform a business audit and strategic plan.
  5. Based on findings, a Change in Management Plan was also implemented
  6. Result: ROI decreased by 7 years with increased enrollment.

Social Media Research

A1 offers social media benchmarking and shopper experience assessment.

80/20 Analysis

A1 analyzes your data to identify your most valuable customers and opportunities.

Competitor Benchmark

Find out how you compare to direct competitors and industry leaders.


manufacturer rep.

  1. Grew sales by more than 1000% first year.
  2. Developed Tire Repair Category throughout Latin America.
  3. Average placement of 68 sku's placed at Mass Retailers.
  4. Sales Management of Tire Repair Kits with placements at several Automotive OEM's - Tier 1.

manufacturer rep.

  1. Company belonged to Shell Petroleum.
  2. Recently acquired by Sun Capital Partners and hired A1 in order to pursue aggressive mass retail and distributor growth across Latin America.
  3. Project still through initial introductory stages.

Mystery Shopping

A1 Associates Group uses unbiased third-party shoppers to gather actionable data for you.