The history of A-1 Associates Group dates back to our beginnings managing brands and services in South America. Back then, our organization assisted enterprises primarily in the travel and industrial supply sectors. While our travel division worked with companies like British Caledonian and British Airways acting as General Service Agent's in the Colombian market, our industrial supply group assisted private and public entities with outsourcing and purchasing equipment, raw materials and parts from Europe, Asia and North America for oil exploration, electrical generation, power transmission, waterworks, mining and other industries.

We could have never imagined in our original vision the size, scope, and reach our organization would one day have.

Today, we  have turned into a global venture with a host of services and premium strategic growth products geared primarily to the international and domestic consumer goods market. 

Over 34 years of experience providing and developing the trade practice has turned us into private and public sector consultants, international brand developers,  and purchasing agents for a diversified set of industries. With an international presence in the America's, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia, we are ready for just about any challenge.

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